Welcome to Mueller

A rapidly growing, walkable neighborhood

To the north of Austin, Mueller is a modern, up-and-coming area made up of eco-friendly subdivisions. A master-planned, sustainable community, it boasts 140 acres of landscape with many homes having extensive yards and gardens. Only three miles from downtown, the area used to be an airport before it was transformed into the eclectic, 700-acre neighborhood. The award-winning city was designed to be pedestrian-friendly, transit-oriented, and sustainable.

As Mueller continues to grow, it predicts almost 7,000 people will make their home here upon completion. With houses and condominiums of varying sizes, styles, and types, there is something for all tastes. The neighborhood has been awarded over 40 honors for its creativity. Mueller is now one of Austin’s most popular locations, created under the combined influence of the Catellus Development Group, the City of Austin, and regional citizens.


What to Love

  • Walkable area with everything nearby
  • Unique history 
  • Rapidly growing community

Local Lifestyle

Walkable and exciting, Mueller has everything a person could want. From wide open spaces and green lawns to unique homes and condominiums, it is no wonder the area is so appealing. The cozy community is a self-contained part of Austin and continues to develop, creating a walkable, pedestrian-oriented atmosphere. Many residents will walk or bike to where they are going. Mueller is a great place to call home.


Dining, Entertainment, & Shopping

Barley Swine is a seasonal American restaurant with a constantly revolving menu. With dishes determined by the chef based on the available fresh ingredients, it is dedicated to creativity and fun. The restaurant loves food and drink and gives its guests a one-of-a-kind experience through passion and great service.

Well-loved regional fare and specialized drinks can be found at Lutie’s Garden Restaurant. With expert, specially trained chefs, the food is delicious and unique. Susana Querejazu was honored as the Pastry Chef of the Year in 2016, and her partner Bradley Nicholson mastered his craft in San Francisco. 

Juniper serves contemporary Italian cuisine, combining fantastic northern Italy fare with abundant Texan flavors. Opened in 2015, the restaurant creates a modern, elegant experience in a luxury setting, using only locally-sourced ingredients, some of which are grown in its own garden.

With a haunting, dramatic atmosphere and live jazz music every week, Devil May Care is an experience like no other. The lounge serves Mediterranean meals, unique cocktails, and fine wines. Between its delectable fare and live entertainment, it is a fantastic experience.


Things to Do

Mueller boasts a carefully-designed park and trail system covering 140 acres. The fields, trails, and parks wind through the neighborhood, providing residents with outdoor enjoyment and establishing a native ecosystem. About 20 percent of the area is dedicated to parks and outdoor recreation, making it easily accessible to residents in addition to being open to the public. Some of the most popular parks include Mueller Lake Park and Southwest Greenway.

A beverage tour meets city adventure at the Bike and Brew ATX. It provides customers with an experience unlike any other, as they enjoy Austin’s tastes, sights, and sounds from a bike. While tours vary in difficulty, duration, and location, all focus on Austin’s finest breweries and wineries and most popular attractions.

The Bullock Texas State History Museum features IMAX films and exhibits dedicated to telling the state’s story. Boasting hundreds of relics, exhibits, and films, it provides an innovative experience and a look into Texas culture through programs, tours, events, and field trips. It is dedicated not only to education but also to inspiring people to become leaders and envision a better tomorrow.

The City Theater Austin has been the place for live entertainment for the past 17 years. The nonprofit organization was founded in 2006 to provide the community with reputable, high-quality, eclectic stage entertainment. Since its opening, it has put on more than 150 shows and 2,000 performances.

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